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Good car owners know that the secret to avoiding expensive repairs is getting regular maintenance and tune-ups so that any issues are solved before they become too severe. Here at Dan’s Auto Air Conditioning, I specialize in finding and repairing minor problems that have the potential to become expensive replacements so that you do not have to spend money on overpriced parts from dealers. My goal is to give all of my customers service that will keep their cars running well for as long as possible.

Providing honest service that is genuinely meant to stand the test of time has always been my passion, and you will receive my famous, high-quality standard of repairs every time. I repair cars with attention to detail because I have been trained to find and seek out every problem that arises. Once you bring your auto to me for a car tuneup, I will diagnose any issues and find the simplest way to repair them for little cost to you. As a reputable service technician, I feel an obligation to always provide service that you can trust.

While there are many entries in the phonebook for an automotive mechanic in Port Charlotte, FL, I am one of the few that is not tied to any large corporations or entities. That means that I have nothing to gain from selling you parts that you do not need. I have faith that I will be able to solve your problems with very little trouble, and I want to pass that faith on to you by giving you an unmatched quality of tune-ups and car repairs.

Schedule a tune up with me today, and give your car the excellent service that it needs!
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